Wayahudi Twins Arrested

Gengetone music paved its way into the music industry and gained a lot of attention, but it was short-lived. Despite it being impermanent it gave some talented Youths of this Generation a chance to Shine and gain Stardom and one of these Youths is a talented Triad known as Wayahudi. Wayahudi Rose to Stardom after their Hit Singles Daga ya Haga and are known for their lyrical prowess and Flow but what stands out, at first sight, is that Two of the crew members are Twin Brothers. Over the course of a year or so the group has managed to Visit Kipawa Three times and their visits have been nothing short of emboldening, their bar dubbed freestyles have caught the attention of many and there is no doubt the Trio is very talented.

For the third time in a while, the trio Visited us and did what they do best Drop Bars and also have a word or two with our Host Timo. However, all was not well and only one-third of the light-hearted Trio was available. He was accompanied by two of his friends and despite his talent on the mic, it was his emotional but too-familiar story that swayed the hearts of many Kipawa Loyals.

He explained the reason why the Other Two-Thirds were Missing and immediately the Mood in the Room Changed. A few days before the interview the twins had been arrested under mysterious circumstances.

In his own words, he says the three did their normal thing by showing up at the studio to record their music but he left earlier leaving the twins at the studio. When he was at home the mother of the twins contacted him asking about his sons’ whereabouts but he had no information and needed to know where they were. The following morning he learned that they had been arrested by police officers and beaten up unlawfully. He said that In his words he said” I don’t think there is anywhere in our Kenyan constitution written that a police officer should even discipline you using a knife “.

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Such Tales have become so common in Our Country that are Somewhat becoming a Cliche. Since the Onset of the Global Pandemic, Such cases have become very common. Youths in Eastlands are often arrested for Doing Nothing more than Chill out or try and make a living.

In recent cases, Youths have been Missing and mysteriously Reappearing Dead and leaving families with a lot of unanswered questions.FlashBack to the 2010s when extrajudicial killings of our Youths by our very own government were so common that it was no longer shocking to us. Our Already Corrupt Government is Targetting Our Youths day by day and what are we to do as The Youths? Are We Endangered? Is it Wrong to be a Youth in Kenya? So many questions remain unanswered as we Live To Fight another. But as Domani Said Kuna Siku Youths Wataungana and the time is now to Stand up and Speak up for our youths and fight against the System that is Oppressing our youths.

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