Melanie McGuire Children

Who are Melanie McGuire Children? Where are They Now?

Who are Melanie McGuire Children?


Melanie McGuire is famously known as the Suitcase Killer. On April 4, 2004, two years after her Second Born was born she Drugged her Husband, Shot him and then Dismembered him before transporting his remains in a Suitcase. According to prosecutors Melanie wanted to enjoy her new Life with her new partner Dr Bradley Miller.

In the years that followed Melanie was Tried and Convicted for her Murder and is currently serving life in Prison at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Clinton, New Jersey. She is not eligible for Parole Until she turns 100 Years. However one of her greatest regrets is that she has never been part of her children’s live.

Melanie McGuire Children Names

Despite their Mother being the Focus of both National and international Media Melanie McGuires Sons have managed to lead a private life. They are both in their 20’s as of 2022. Melanie’s Firstborn Son Turns 22 This year while her Second and Last Child Turns 20 This Year. The Kid’s Names are however unknown.

Melanie McGuire Children Where are They Now?

Melanie McGuire’s Kids are Quitely Living their Life. They have managed to keep away from all the publicity that surrounds their mother and they hardly Make any Public Appearances. Nevertheless, they are both alive and healthy. There is no online report of any of them passing away or being critically ill.

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