Kelly Robinson

Who is Craig Robinson Wife Kelly Robinson? Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Parents, Children, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Instagram

Kelly Robinson Biography

Kelly Robinson Full name Kelly McCrum Robinson is the wife of Craig Robinson, the older brother of the former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama. She is the sister In-Law of Former President Barack Obama.

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Kelly Robinson Age, Birthday

Kelly is in her late  50’s. She has not publicly revealed any crucial information regarding her date of birth, birthday, and Age. Her Zodiac Sign is also unavailable.

Kelly Robinson Husband

She is the wife of an American college basketball coach, basketball executive, and broadcaster Craig Robinson. Her husband is the Brother In Law of former U.S. President Barack Obama and the elder Brother of former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama.

Kelly Robinson  Children

Kelly and her husband are raising Four Children Together.

Kelly Robinson  Education

Robinson currently serves as an education administrator of Brown University. Very little is known about her academic Qualifications.

Kelly Robinson Parents

Mrs. Robinson has not revealed any information regarding her family, parents, and Siblings. She was born and raised in the united states of America by her loving parents. It is not known if she has any siblings.

Kelly Robinson Milwaukee

Kelly and her husband Craig are suing a prestigious Milwaukee-area private school over issues of racism and inclusiveness. The couple claims that despite their sons being models students the University School of Milwaukee improperly terminated their two sons’ enrollment at the school.

Craig and Kelly Robinson Lawsuit

Craig Robinson, The Brother in law to Former American President Barrack Obama has filed a lawsuit against the University School of Milwaukee. The Lawsuit comes after the school falsely dismissed two of their sons from the school. This was after their sons raised concerns about what they call racial and socio-economic bias.

In the letter, the school blames s the parents, while the Robinsons argue there’s a broader pattern of behavior as their sons aren’t being welcomed back to the University School of Milwaukee.

Their sons who were studying from home because of the pandemic became aware of the issues and raised concerns to the school.

“That opened up a window into the classroom and what we saw was a repeated use of racial and ethnic stereotypes in actual assignments and a disregard for children who weren’t physically in the classroom and an insensitivity to socio-economic status,” Craig Robinson said. “We just raised our concerns about these different biases, not thinking that it would escalate into anything.”

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