William T. McGuire

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William T McGuire Biography

William T. McGuire Born as William T. “Bill” McGuire and famously known as just Bill McGuire was a retired United States Navy veteran. He gained international recognition after he was brutally murdered by his wife Melanie McGuire and his remains put in three separate Separate Suitcases. Melanie’s Murder Case was dubbed the “suitcase murder” Case.

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William T McGuire Age, Birthday

Bill McGuire was 39 years old when he was brutally Murdered. Born on September 21, 1964, he celebrated his birthday on September 21 each year. His Zodiac Sign was Virgo.

William T McGuire and Melanie McGuire

Bill McGuire and Melanie McGuire had been married for 5 years before she Killed him. The once-happy couple had met in the 1990s and it was love at first sight. William Was a retired United States Navy veteran who worked as an employee of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He asked Melanie out on their first date. After going out on a few dates William asked Melanie to be his girlfriend and she said Yes.

Bill McGuire and Melanie dated for a few years before Bill decided that Melanie was the Woma he wanted to spend the rest of his life With. He proposed to her and the couple became engaged sometime in 1998 or 1997.

William T. McGuire and Melanie McGuire’s Wedding

Bill McGuire and Melanie McGuire Exchanged Vows in a private and intimate wedding ceremony that was attended by friends and families from both parties. Having never been married again Melanie wore a white Gown while the Groom wore a black suit. Their reception was custom Themed and after the afterparty, the pair were sent on their way to enjoy their honeymoon.

William T. McGuireWilliam T. McGuire Parents, Siblings

William was born and raised in the United States of America by Mr and Mrs McGuire.Growing up William enjoyed the Joys of childhood and his father and mother worked hard to ensure he never lacked anything in life. They put him through college. As a young man, his father was his Idol and he loved helping his mother set up the family Dinner. William had a  normal childhood and there is no mention of him ever experiencing any traumatic incidents as a child.It is not known if he has any siblings.

William T. McGuire Obituary

William William Theodore “Bill” McGuire was born September 21, 1964, in Bronx, Bronx County, New York, USA. He was also raised in the same area. He met his untimely death at the hands of his wife Melanie McGuire who drugged him and shot Him dead. She dismembered his body and put them into a 3-piece suitcase set.

William was survived by his wife Melanie ad Two Sons. William was 39 years old when he met his death and he is buried at the Brigadier General William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery in Arneytown, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA.

William T. McGuire Wikipedia

William gained Media attention after his wife Melanie was tried for his Murder in 2005. His murder case was dubbed the suitcase murder because his wife had killed him and cu him to pieces that she put on three separate suitcases.

The first suitcase was found on May 5, 2004, by two fishermen and two Children and it contained human Legs. It was floating near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnels fourth artificial island igniting a highly publicized murder investigation. Six days later on On May 11, a graduate student cleaning up litter on the beach found the second larger suitcase that contained the head and torso with three bullet wounds. The third and smallest of the three suitcases was recovered floating in the water near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnels on May 16.

William T. McGuire Suitcase

William was killed and Cut into pieces that fit three separate Suitcases by his wife Melanie.

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